exceeding expectations

i'm finally sinking into some r&r after a more than exciting few days in vegas. turns out i like that city when it's done well. the last night there was spent at Fiamma which will probably be the best Italian meal I've ever had and will have for a long time. such good appetizers, sea bass, and ambiance with some good company. i'd write more if this blog were going to go personal, but since it's not ;) i'll just say the company was good and i enjoyed it a lot. i started the next day with a muffin and coffee from the Bouchon Bakery- SO good. the last day we finished up with the show and i hung-out with some of the guys from the UK for a bit then hit the flight to burbank and settled back into life in ca. hopefully some more exciting travels are around the corner for work... dallas... and more importantly...hopefully the UK!


  1. Anonymous4/07/2008

    dude, who are you winking at?

  2. the ether. duh maggie. get it together.

  3. laura, could you please email the pod with a little more info? hooching it up on a business trip, were you?