diamonds on the soles of my shoes

words are silly if i'm going to try and express how excited i am for this week; specifically Thursday. This morning my mom called singing, 'i'm going to martha, i'm going to martha" and it's true- her email to martha expressing how grateful she'd be if she and my dad could go, along with hints and dropping the fact that she just bought martha's 1991 gardening book and that its her birthday weekend have scored my parents 2 seats. don't worry my outfit is already picked out- dress to impress she said! i'll be wearing pearls and j.crew central to hampton myself out for the viewing, and in hopes of getting some seriously good seats. after the show i'm hoping to visit anne at Grandaisy and then later that evening the two of us are going to Paul Simon! talk about a legendary day...


  1. Today is the big day. I hope she asked your to join Team Martha!

  2. Anonymous4/24/2008

    How did it go??? I can't wait to find out.