warm salad. wonderful day.

talk about the good life. yesterday (after work) was pretty incredible when it comes to things i love. because there's really no better order for me to write this in than chronological, i'll start by saying i came home to Keola coming into my cottage and checking out the easter basket my parents so graciously sent me. you're never to old for one of those things. he went to town on the gourmet jelly beans, guessing which each flavour was... afterwards, i went for my scheduled run as part of my training for the wine country half and went from my house to the mission and back. i ran through neighborhoods, past cows, and over a creek. similar to ohio until i got to the mission and looked out onto the ocean and sailboats. not similar to lake erie at all... Dinner was a creation inspired by my friend Leslie (who I'd link to here, but since she won't even get gmail it'll be a long time coming for her to enter the blogging world). I roasted eggplant, onion and some red skin potatoes in olive oil, s&p and threw in a couple jalapeno peppers that needed to be used for a smoky and spicy kick. turning them a couple times and checking on it couple times i threw them onto a bed of spinach, sprinkled on some parm and Voila! I sat there drinking a glass of our good Roblar Sauvignon Blanc, and watched No Reservations and then finished (sadly) The Sharper your Knife the Less you Cry. The last two items will get their own post...

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  1. Three cheers for LB! You are a bright spot in my work day, especially when you take jabs at Leslie's non-gmail usage.