my kind of green

i know i'm not on some crazy trip around the world (yet) but i am continually in awe of where i live and places that are less than an hour from the north. look how wonderful and green it was up in santa ynez this weekend. while driving it was confirmed that i will in fact turn into a 50 something that will want to go for 'drives' seeing as i'm fine with the idea of it now... we ventured out of the areas which have become so familiar and went off the beaten path a bit. good wine followed, of course; as did my first, and hopefully only for some time, wine club membership to Roblar Winery. Most definitely the thing i'm most excited about is the cooking classes they offer a few times a month from local 'celebrity' chefs. I think I'll sign up for one soon and get my creative juices going, as well as a sense of what culinary school just might be like...

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  1. Laura
    (can you hear the intensity in my voice? ;-))