fresh and fab

i made this recipe a few days ago and just finished it's left-overs last night. not only were the flavours amazing, but it looked pretty and was so easy to assemble. i'd make this again for company any day. i used chicken legs without the skin/bone and added in the beans and some red skins potatoes. i added a few shallots as well as i didn't have all the garlic. sooo good and so jamie.


  1. Look at you! Missing your nut-chocolate clusters... though I gave you credit back a year or so ago when I "borrowed" that idea (everyone loved them). I have to say I'd resisted buying the salty-sweet mix from TJs for so long and now I can't find it! Boo... anyway, great looking recipe! So glad to have a new cooking buddy!

  2. Laura, look at you blogging! I think I'm really going to enjoy reading about your culinary adventures. Cheers!