48 hours in Charlottesville

What day is it?  Oh right.  A week ago was our anniversary and months before we had booked a stay for a night away in Charlottesville.  Eight years in with three little ones (ok, maybe they aren't all that small anymore) we know the value of just 24-48 hours away.

If I'm honest I'll say I was itching to get home by the time it was ready.  It's not that I didn't like the time away- obviously.  How many moments do I wonder if I could have just 20 minutes of silence?! But then you get it, ok I got it, and it felt weird.  Benjamin is well aware of the water works that will happen when the boys all grow up and leave the house.  Meanwhile, he'll be throwing a party!

I've joked in the past that I blog for selfish reasons. It's a little true.  I started this blog to share with friends and family what I had been cooking and what I had been doing in California, and now here we are.  Talking about Charlottesville.

So, my hope and intent is to share what we'd recommend from our time away.  This will help me remember too, because let's be honest, a week out I'm already starting to forget!  Let's get to it.

Charlottesville is about 2-3 hours from us depending on where you go, so not too close, but not too far.  When we decided to leave in the morning, without a doubt we knew lunch had to be at Pippin Hill.  Imagine if Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn had a baby.  This would be their winery child.  I could post pictures of this place and it's glorious hydrangea path and farm and chickens and views all day.  If you're close enough to go, go.  If you make a trip somewhere near here, go.  If you need an excuse to go here, let the sliders be it.  We opted for some bubbles on our anniversary, had great service and enjoyed super tasty meats, cheeses, oysters, and then shared the sliders  Definitely get the sliders.  They brought us a dessert which was also excellent, so save room and grab some of that too.  Everything we've eaten from here has been wonderful.  It's not a spot I'd recommend bringing kids so try and go without them.  It's beautiful in every season, yes, even when those hydrangeas are all dried up.

After lunch we headed to the Farmhouse at Veritas.  I had heard about this place years ago, sent others there, and we finally got to enjoy it for ourselves.  This place did not disappoint, and it especially nice if you want to pair delicious food with your experience.  Our dinner was amazing and breakfast was even better.  They offered chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen and somehow I managed to find room for one of those too.  Everyone we met was kind and we loved our drinks on the wrap around porch out front, dinner on the patio, and breakfast in the garden house outside.  

I have had friends stay here who opted for the a lighter dinner option they have and I would definitely opt for that next time knowing how stuffed I was by dinner.  Pippin Hill showed me too how much I love just simple meats and cheeses and olives and how tasty that is, maybe even more so in wine country.  Before checkout we walked around a little and said hello to the sheep grazing outside, and then made our way to Monticello. 

Feeling food and wined-out we opted to go see Monticello.  I'm definitely glad we did this without the boys.  I would take them back when they are a bit older, but for now it was good to take it in without chasing a two year old.  I actually don't love history, but I am finding it more interesting as I learn things my elementary or even high school mind wouldn't have picked up on.  

We spent quite awhile there and afterwards had to opt for some more food.  I guess it's how we all survive, eh?  Thankfully we gave our bodies some time to get hungry and ended up looking for a brewery this time instead of more wine!  We went to Three Notch'd Brewing and would recommend if you're looking for good food options paired with drink.  The beers were all pretty big and it's hosting the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest this weekend so I guess it was a good pick!

Overall, a fun, relaxing, and delicious 48 hours in Charlottesville with the husband!  We'll be back- maybe in cooler temperatures, and definitely for more sliders.

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