precious family

I am very thankful for family, in particular for Benjamin's grandparents who everyone so lovingly calls Manet and Papa.  I often miss my own grandparents and am thankful Benjamin's are still with us.  Manet has made both of our boys quilts for their rooms and she has made Benjamin quilts that we have in our home as well.   

I know my parents can only hope they'll be around for our kid's weddings and I sure hope they are...

amanda + josh: rehearsal dinner at a diner

We have returned home from a long weekend away to celebrate my sister-in-law's wedding in south carolina.  We made the trip thanks to the movie Toy Story (we didn't introduce it to Anderson until the trip) and my parents minivan.

We had a great time and my only regret is not having our camera with us at the gorgeous reception.  What is coming next is a whole bunch of pictures for you because I had SO much fun taking them.  Makes me want to take more and more pictures in the future (if that's even possible..)

The rehearsal dinner was at a diner in town that closed down for the event.  It couldn't have been more classic or more perfect for them.

There was singing and telling stories and even costumes. For the sake of not embarrassing Amanda and Josh I'll keep the costume pictures to ourselves. 

I'm so happy for these two- a match made in heaven for sure.  Hope they come and visit us soon "UP NORTH" as they say down there.

another nonsensical post from a greasy haired momma


This whole world of blogging as a Mom is an interesting one. Although I originally thought I'd only share photos of the kids  here and there we all know they are here there and everywhere. I can't help but share with you my adventures in motherhood- nursing, sleeping, and yes, even still what we eat.  

Finding time to write out recipes here is still a challenge but believe me, we're still cooking and as soon as tucker decides he can have an earlier bedtime than nursing non stop at night I plan to get back to the computer screen. For now I'm blogging from my phone once again during some spare moments. 

Let's note that in this picture I may look put together but my trial of real clothes would not fly outside our house as that skirt was still way too tight and my attempts at this high knot bun so many moms casually rock literally made my greasy hair hurt, a complaint I thought Anderson was making up the other day to prolong bedtime.

And so, I leave you with that. Another nonsensical post from a greasy haired momma. 

our sibling situation so far

It's funny that with number two I've been asked more about how Anderson is doing than how Tucker is doing.  I suppose Anderson's well being affects our family a lot!  I do think that taking care of a toddler seems to be harder work than the baby during many moments throughout the day.

In short, we are doing really well.  Anderson is doing really well.  He loves Tucker so much so that we have to tell him he can't kiss him so much on his face, especially when that means he's rubbing his runny nose all over him, and that his hugs, although meant to be loving, need to be much more careful.

If he comes down from his nap to us he usually says, "Hi Mommy!  Hi Baby!!" and then wants to hold him or just tackle him with more kisses and hugs.  In the beginning he kept telling us that Tucker was his baby.  We tried to tell him Tucker was our baby, but really Tucker was God's baby.  Clearly this concept was a bit much and one we didn't enforce much more, especially after the pediatrician told us it's better to hear "my baby" than "my mommy."

I do love Anderson's love for his brother and know pretty soon he'll be making him laugh with his antics.  I for one can laugh now at these pictures- Anderson running circles around a very still and perplexed newborn baby brother.  His baby. 

I will not be a complainy Mom

Tucker is 7 weeks now.  Anderson is almost 2 1/2.  Our days are full and in many ways I like how quickly they go by.  I'm trying to enjoy each moment, the sweet baby I have, the smiles he gives, and the very two year old boy who runs around the house as well.   

I'm enjoying them and trying to capture these moments, in my mind and in picture form.  I'm saying 'NO' to complaining about them because complaining about your kids is something I've learned I just really can't stand.  Last week I was at a table with a bunch of mom's and it seemed we were all supposed to chime in about how much we enjoy when our kids aren't around.  It was pretty sad, selfish, and depressing.

Believe me, we all need a break and I love getting one.  Going to the store by myself is amazing and the thought of being able to paint my nails knowing they'd have the time to dry seems unthinkable right now.  However, I'm not going to complain and wish my kids away.  Complainy Moms seems to be doing that sometimes and it's just not my thing.

I get choked up these days when Tucker smiles back at me.  How could you not?

And when I told Anderson I had just taken pictures of Tucker and could I take pictures of him how could I not completely become mush when he said, "OK Mommy!"

These are the moments I want to hold onto- the real life snapshots I can only sometimes capture with the camera but want to forever hold in my mind.  The moments that make my heart so grateful for two healthy boys, for the fact that God chose me to be their Momma, and for so much more.  I'm thankful for the clothes on their back, the roof over our heads.  

I'm thankful for soft pillows to lie on and for a woods to look out onto.  I'm thankful for two year old little minds that think reindeers all went away with Santa, and that all his stuffed dinosaurs must sleep with him each night.  

I will be thankful.  I will be grateful.  I will not be a complainy Mom.  

the boys

I am very thankful for these boys in my life, particularly of course for Benjamin.  Anderson's love for his daddy has grown since Tucker entered the world as he knows when Benjamin gets home he will chase and wrestle him all he wants.

You get the drill now- these posts may often be brief this season, but I had to share these pictures.  Time yet again to get the babe...

post-baby nursing style

nursing dress from zulily.
I find that when you're pregnant you can find a lot of cute things to wear.  There are many stores that offer maternity styles and in my case friends with cute clothes who have let me borrow them.  I haven't had to buy much when it comes to maternity clothes and for that I am thankful.

another Zulily find
However, after the baby things get tricky.  It takes time to lose all the weight and in my case I have about two pair of pants right now that fit me.  There are always leggings, but let's remember that leggings are not pants.  I write this as I'm wearings leggings because my one pair of jeans needs to stay spit-up free for Bible Study tomorrow morning.

Zulily yet again
If all goes well with Tucker I'll be nursing him for probably about as long as I did Anderson, 18 months or so, which means I've got to consider nursing tops for the next year or more.  Although many people don't mind just wearing regular tops, I do like to have a few nursing friendly things in my closet and have been on the hunt for some for those days when we're out and about and a clever top is just what I need.

I'm currently wearing this sweater all the time and wishing that I had more nursing friendly attire.  Zulily is tempting me big time today with some great finds... we'll see if anything works out.  In the meantime, I'll keep my search on and add things to my maternity style board on Pinterest.

our january mantel

Something I really love about our house is the fireplace and mantel.  Although it's not real wood in there we've learned that the fire does let off some nice warmth on chilly days and offers a nice ambience in the evenings.  

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has lived with me before (cough cough, Annemarie...) that I love re-arranging things.  The mantel is no different.  With the holidays behind us and Valentine's Day around the corner I decided to re-do the mantel space yesterday.  Clearly it was an act of procrastination, similar to how I'm writing this post over ironing right now.

With Valentine's Day in mind I put up a wedding photo and a picture of Benjamin and I pre-babies and when I had blonde hair.  I feel like I look so young.  We look so young.  

I also threw up the Home Good's print that has gotten a lot of love every place I've lived and kept the hurricans and red candles up from Christmas.

I'm a bit mantel obsessed and love finding more inspiration on Pinterest, having even created a board dedicated to it all.  

We'll see how long this one sticks.  My rule is by February 1 I'm allowed to add some candy hearts into the hurricane and make this all out Valentines-y.

our days in pictures

One morning not too long ago I was upstairs with Tucker, putting on makeup, suspecting that Anderson was happily watching Curious George downstairs.  Not so.  He was helping himself to the whole box of cereal. The kid gets points as none of it fell on the floor.

For nap time Anderson thought Tucker would stay in bed with him.  I'll bring this picture up if he ever fights the fact that they'll be sharing a room.

Do newborn cuddles get any better?  They do not.  Last week at a Mom's group another lady asked if she could hold him so I could go get something to eat.  I told her no.  She asked if it was something she said and I reminded her that I have a two year old which limits my time to just snuggle snuggle snuggle.  I didn't say snuggle three times though.

As much as I'd sometimes like some pink and boys in my life, little boy clothes are pretty adorable.  

As are their smiles.  I really think he smiles at us and that it's not just baby gas.  I'm probably also biased.  We also think we may see a dimple coming. We can only hope.  

Although I usually opt for sugary banana bread this whole wheat low sugar option was delicious and something I'll need to make again.  I've already posted the recipe here.

In conclusion- newborn snuggles... the best.


I can't believe it's already January 13th mainly because time is flying and I haven't had but ten minutes to even get on the computer.  This is life with a newborn and toddler.  I vow not to complain and know it's just a very busy season for us all.  

Tucker and Anderson both seem to be growing like weeds to me.  Our days are full and go by quickly, except for when they don't. :)  The evenings can sometimes be the most exhausting for me and once Tucker is finally down I quickly hop into bed and swear I am asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

We took a family adventure the other weekend to go snow tubing for Anderson.  It was an adventure in itself just getting out of the house but once we did we were glad for the scenery and to get out of the house after several days in because of the frigid temperatures.

Anderson loved the tubing and Benjamin loved that the ski slopes looked more decent than we were both expecting.  I know he'll be back...

As for cooking we have been doing that, making Ina's easy tomato soup and this morning weelicous cookies for a playdate.  

Baby is up so I must go but I do hope to get back on this here interweb blog space before too long!