Weekend Update

I haven't been on my computer in awhile and so I am once again blogging from my phone. We've been busy around here and when we're not doing something I'm exhausted and finding I need to nap so I'm not cranky later. 

Anderson got sick the other week- which kid doesn't get sick this time of year?- which meant waking up at night, medicine, and trips to the doctors office. It also meant that our weekend away wasn't too restful at all. 

He's been pretty sweet these days though now that he's feeling better- swaying with me to music and being a champ when he got his first haircut. Took us 2 years before he needed one which  thankful for after having to pay a whopping $17.95. Loco. 

I've been having some contractions which has also led to my need to rest when I can. It also means our guest room got painted this weekend and baby boy has his stuff ready to go on the changing table. I still need to put out stuff for Benjamin and myself which I'll do someone this week. 

We were thankful for a good weekend and a beatiful one at that. Also thankful that we live 10 minutes from a kid friendly winery where Anderson loves to run around. 

32 weeks and Life Lately.

This week has been a bit of a blur. We're getting closer to having this baby but I know we could still be several weeks away too. 

This week I'm thankful that Benjamin was only affected by the government furlough for a week. Regardless it has us in a furlough state of mind trying to spend no money and eating through more freezer meals. 

I started reading One Day but put it down when Sparkly Green Earrings came for me at the library. This book is hilarious and given my pregnancy hormones right now I have gone from laughing out loud to crying. I've never done that with a book before. 

That said I'm pretty over these roller coaster hormones. I know they won't end when baby boy comes but man do I wish I felt more stable sometimes- I know my family agrees. 

We've made it through this rainy week and thankfully will be out of the rain this weekend. I sure did like seeing Anderson all geared up in his rain gear and even broke out his Halloween costume to help get us through a rainy morning at home. 

Cutest Dino I ever did see. 

pumpkin pictures

Let these pictures be a lesson in how hard it is to take pictures of two year olds.  

Also, may I give a high five to the people who conveniently left a space on the bench with all the pumpkins for you to sit and take pumpkin pictures!

who doesn't love a hay ride?

The Corn Maze at the Plains had a hayride of course.  How could it not?  We stepped aboard and quickly many others followed.

With a full tractor we were ready to ride with a very enthused two year old on board.

Happy Nammie and Papa were along for the ride too.

Take a look at that countryside- and those clouds!  It was such a beautiful day.  So thankful we live out in the country now.  I think it suits us.  

the corn maze at the plains

With family in town this past weekend to help celebrate Anderson's birthday we naturally had to find a fall festival.  Although there are many in the area I'm glad we decided upon the Corn Maze in the Plains.  It was the perfect size for them, not too overwhelming, and had everything they could have wanted.

Anderson and Benny loved the many slides, this one in particular.

And then there was the mini maze.  A real hit with two year olds since getting lost in their massive maze would be a bit overwhelming for all of us.

There were things to climb over and of course a lot of space to run.

What would a fall festival be without a place to launch pumpkins?  Of course Anderson had to "try" to do it himself.  After about an hour and a half and a fun hayride we were all set.  Another bonus to this festival is that kids under 3 are free!  

Have you been?  I highly recommend it.

celebrating two

Anderson's cousin and buddy Caleb came over Saturday (with their families) to celebrate his second birthday.  We pulled out the birthday banner and Benjamin so wonderfully used streamers to decorate the house as well- check out the reflection in the mirror.  His mother taught him well.

You could say the buddies were all pretty excited about being together.

I knew I wanted to make the donut cake for Anderson's birthday which was a hit and exciting for him since he has a new love of donuts since they appear at church each Sunday.

He has definitely figured out presents, just in time for Christmas to be not too far in the distance.  Overall he loved everything- new cars, legos, and lots of McQueen things, including this hat.  A real winner was the t-ball set he got.  It couldn't have come at a more perfect time since he'd started picking up the paint roller extension, a ball, and asking to play baseball and hit it.  Now he has a real set.

I love this two year old to pieces.  It really has gone by quickly.  Time for a new baby.

with thanksgiving

I've been thinking a lot today about being thankful.  After all, in Phillipians 4:6-7 it says to present our requests, with thanksgiving...

Although there is uncertainty all around me, it sure helps to make a list of what I'm thankful for...

Today in particular I'm thankful for:

  • A friend who I spent all day cooking and catching up with.  Lots more freezer meals!
  • A mom who happily watches our son, and a son who loves his Nammie.
  • The fact that it's cool enough outside that we don't have to have the air running right now.  
  • That Benjamin's Moms surgery seemed to have went well and the doctors are hopeful!
  • This kicking baby boy.  When I sit down he kicks and pushes even more.  I can't wait to meet him.
  • Maternity clothes from friends.  I am thankful to have always borrowed the majority of my maternity clothes from friends.  I realized I didn't have much for cooler weather and got a bag from one friend today and over the weekend another bag from another friend.  Praise.
  • A dresser in the nursery stocked with newborn baby boy clothes and diapers.  I can't wait to see the things Anderson wore on this lil guy.
  • A husband who came home after having to go into work to officially shut down his office with a good attitude and a willing heart to help with some of the projects in the garage.
That sure helps.  Doesn't it?  And for the sake of remembering these times, here I am at 31 weeks. 

do not worry about tomorrow

This verse is on repeat in my head this morning- this time the kids version "do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself..."  We don't even have that CD for the car, but I can hear it still.

There's no irony to the fact that I'm in a weekly Bible Study this year around the book Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman's Guide to Finding Contentment.

Today, the government shutdown begins.  Benjamin is a government employee so that means no work and no pay for him until an agreement is made.  Today his Mom also goes into brain surgery again, this time with a more risky procedure.

I'm thankful for this verse and the peace God is providing me right now.  I know it'll be a discipline to shut out Satan's voice when he wants me to worry about tomorrow.  I pray that I won't do it, and that when I do it'll be there for a moment then I'll cling to the truth of God's sovereignty and plan and trust in Him.

How do you battle uncertainty and anxiety?

Philippians 4:6-7  "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."