real snow

Post nap fun. 

ham and cheddar drop biscuits

Benjamin and I have been getting really into breakfast this break.  With many mouths to feed it's fun to make up big breakfasts, have light lunches, then indulge again for dinner.

This morning I made some biscuits with ham and cheddar.  I adapted them from a recipe I'd made before for bacon, cheddar, and chive biscuits.

To make these use this base recipe omitting the chives if you don't have them on hand and swapping out about 1 1/2 cups chopped ham instead of bacon.

The results are delicious and perfectly satisfying with a hot cup of coffee.  Enjoy!

their second snow

Although it's the boys second snow and second Christmas in many ways it feels like their first.  They don't remember either last year so this afternoon when magic happened it was fun to take them outside and snap some pictures.  The face Anderson is making here is his "Smile" face.  Pretty classic.

Truth be told I need snow to get in the Christmas spirit.  I really need white out conditions and days where you really can't go outside because the roads are too icy and the wind chill is too low, but this Ohio-bread girl will take a dusting if that's all I can get in Virginia.

It's still coming down while Anderson snoozes and I plan to get him bundled in his snow suit when he wakes up to head outside and run around in this white stuff.  The boy is now walking and faster it seems the past few days so that he can keep up with cousin O, or Owie as it sounds like when Anderson calls him by name.  Owen on the other hand most clearly says Anderson- so sweet to see the love they have for one another!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I hope yours is magical, whether you have snow or not!

i want i want i want

My Christmas shopping is mostly all done.  I have a few odds and ends to pick up here and there and a package to send but besides that we're good. The presents have already been wrapped for the most part and I'm on top of things. 

Except for the part about sending out Christmas cards- because we haven't gotten ours in yet- and that part about being fine with the fact that I got some new duck boots and a down vest this month which I had said would be good Christmas or Birthday presents.  I should be content.  Benjamin and I went to a delicious but silly expensive dinner this past weekend so really, I'm good.  Right?  

Wrong.  Why are we....why am selfish?

Although my list isn't like the one above that I made back in the 90's (I think while in my defense looking through an FAO Schwartz catalog) I still want more.  And yet, after our silly expensive dinner I wanted to cry about how silly (but delicious) and expensive it was.

I really do want a nice day with family.  I want to see Anderson tear open presents and get excited about some new toys.

But... in my grownup mind I also want some computer accessories, a new kitchen rug (because that's such a Mom thing to want and care about - it would clearly affect my daily happiness), a massage (because I deserve it gosh darn it), expensive lipstick, fun nail polish, heck, a manicure and pedicure, and maybe some nice new jeans too because the ones I've been sporting have  Let's throw in a new camera while we're at it.

What do you want?!  World peace?  Not going to happen.

easy entertaining over here thanks to mr. coffee

Anderson has been sick the past few days.  Just this morning he had his first bites of food thanks to some friends stopping by real quickly- one to kill some time before a doctor's appointment and the other to drop off my tart pan she had borrowed.  Both were excuses for them to get out of the house with their kids and I was happy to have the company now that Anderson was on the mend and not contagious anymore.

Although I got Anderson dressed before their arrival I was still rocking my Christmas plaid pajamas and uggs when they arrived.  The house was somewhat picked up though and I had Mariah Carey Pandora playing so all would be happy.  I also had my Mr. Coffee Latte machine which I was given about a month ago.  It made asking friends if they wanted a quick chai super simple.  It also makes lattes with ease, gingerbread ones at that.  Yesterday I was able to make a quick warm drink before heading out on a cold walk with the boy.

I have to say when the machine arrived I was skeptical.  Was this simply going to be warming milk and adding in coffee?  Isn't that a cafe au lait?  Things picked up though as I've experienced the nice convenience of this one-stop-shop.  It really is easy to manage and I can see loving it to make tea lattes and hot chocolate in as well. No stove top mess and no other parts to clean.

The Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte values at $99 but you can get it for 
$10 off plus free shipping if you use this code: MLAT10A.  

Could be the perfect gift for that person who spends too much money on fancy coffee drinks or like me enjoys a cup of something fun around 3:00 but is too frugal to go spend money on a coffee!

This machine will be coming with us to my parents this Christmas so we can try out some more creations with it, so far my favorite being the gingerbread latte recipe they suggest.  Thanks, Mr. Coffee!

a lovefeast table gift giveaway! and recipe too!

Well friends, it's been awhile.  Truth is the season has hit and it feels as though I've been all over the place, and yet no where at all.  In a time where it's easy to get wrapped up in doing more I find myself trying to slow down and not let the weeks blur by me.

Today, you'll find me in real today you'd find me spray painting a little garage sale rocking chair and table for Anderson and in blog world you'd find me over at Lovefeast Table.

Kristen of Lovefeast and I met back the the Big Summer Potluck.  I arrived late and it was no coincidence that we were both in line talking about fried chicken and quickly our families, homeschooling, and faith.  I'm thankful Kristen doesn't live too far up the road from us in Baltimore and hope to see her again soon!

Until that time she and her friend over on their site have graciously shared this recipe for Hermit Bars with Brown Sugar Icing and Candied Ginger as part of their virtual cookie exchange.

As you'll see on their site, you can join in and link up your favorite cookie recipe too!

They're also giving away a lovely cookbook journal (a $49 value!) that you're sure to fall in love with, or if you'd like- give it to a friend over at the Lovefeast Shop.

Here's how it works.  Head over to the Lovefeast Shop and check out the recipe and cookbook journal.  Pop back over to this post and comment on my post letting me know which recipe journal you'd chose!

Contest is open through Thursday at midnight!