where to find winter vegetable stew

I'm over at The Hollie Rogue today sharing this recipe for Winter Vegetable Stew.  Come check it (and her lovely blog!) out!

Turns out we live in the same neck of the woods- news to me after she commented that the tree farm we went to looked awfully familiar!  I agree, we do need to meet in real life soon!


Whether I like it or not, (I do), Christmas comes in quite quickly.  All of the sudden it's time to put away the pumpkin candles and turn to all things red and green.  We waste no time getting out the Christmas dishes at my parent's and the day after Thanksgiving we head out to cut down a Christmas tree.  We've done this a few years now so I'll say it's our tradition. 

The trees are overpriced but the experience is priceless.  That reason alone is why we'll go year after year.  It doesn't matter that we ended up with a tree that my dad pointed out within the first 5 minutes of us being there, we had to walk up and down the hill to make sure we had found the perfect one.

I love that this is our tradition.  It's not something we decided on or planned out, it just happened.  

what are you cooking? Thanksgiving 2012

We're a little late in the game this year.  My Mom and I are sitting around a computer and recipes trying to figure out what we'll be making for Thanksgiving.

This year it'll just be my parents and our family.  A small gathering and one that happens often. We'll make our tried-and-true mashed potatoes that are ideal since you can make them the day before and pop them in the oven the day of, I'll make cranberry sauce, and hopefully we'll get our act together to brine the turkey Pioneer Woman Style.  It really is the best.

The real question for us is what vegetable to have, what stuffing to make, and should we try a new recipe for Pumpkin Pie?

These are the big questions in life come November.  What will you be making?

I'm tempted to stick with some brussels sprouts, do something with sweet potatoes, and try a stuffing recipe with sage and sausage.

for the love of Ohio. A Lady Lee + Drew Jones Necklace Giveaway!

For the love of OHIO and YOU I bring you (well they bring you) your pick of a necklace by the one and only Lady Lee and Drew Jones.  These necklaces make a statement, they're baby friendly being non-toxic and they make great gifts for friends with babies who are teething and want to chew!

Baby or not, I'd wear them and gift them to friends with babes and friends without.  Grandma's too.  Easy.

Here's the story.  I'm searching the web and come across this great little shop on Etsy.  I see they're in Ohio.  I tell her, Hey!- I love Ohio, you're in Ohio, let's be friends.  Internet friends.  Sponsor friends.  It happened.

And because it happened they are giving away a necklace to one lucky winner- you pick which one you want!  More choices on her shop!

how to enter!

Comment on this post now through Sunday saying what you're thankful for-
being thanksgiving week and all.

make sure i have your email address or else I can't contact you if you win!

pumpkin bread pudding with bourbon soaked cranberries

I couldn't tease you with this picture and not share the recipe right away.  Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Bourbon Soaked Cranberries is just what you'll be wanting in the days ahead, especially if you're having a fancy feast, smaller gathering, or simply want to impress your family.  Or, all of the above.  You can omit the bourbon soaking although I highly recommend it as it goes over quite well and adds just another level of flavor to this dish.

Last week we stopped into our local wine and cheese shop later in the evening and they were giving away day old bread.  I quickly took two loaves and decided bread pudding would be in our future.  Thanks to a three hour nap on Anderson's part it was.

our weekend

What else is really notable when your son has his first cardboard box house?  I suppose pumpkin bread pudding and seared chicken covered in bacon are worth talking about too.  

Dressing on the Side T-Shirts Giveaway!

Tis the season for Giveaways.  I've got one (or two) for you for the next several weeks thanks to lovely sponsors and other generous people.  Aren't giveaways fun?  I truly wish I could comment and have a chance to win just like you.

Today through Monday Dressing on the Side is giving away one of their fab t-shirts!  The shop is run by my friend's super hip Mom.  She's so hip it kinda kills me.  She's way more hip than I am and super business saavy too.  She writes kids books and has an awesome site and an addictive blog too.  Truth be told I've never met her but based on how awesome her daughter is, I have no doubt I wouldn't be let down by how great she'd be in person too.

Dressing on the Side has some great shirts and you get to pick which one you'd like!

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We're living like it's still the weekend around here thanks to Benjamin having off today for Veterans Day.  Happy Veterans Day indeed.  I'm increasingly thankful for our military and am reminded each year that my husband and both my parents are veterans.

A real image to me of a hero this year is a friend from home whose husband was away about 9 months with the Navy. He returned home just last week to his wife and three kids, one whom he left when the babe was only 2 month old.  I could cry just thinking about it.  Thanks for your service Haile family!

our love story chapter 5

It's high time for another installment in our love story.  I left many of you biting your nails and wondering what was going to happen next I'm sure.  In Chapter 4 I traveled to Montana.  Just for you I found this picture of our time there.

I'm pretty sure this was on a drive we took, one of many since the towns didn't have that much to offer. Long drives were good for the soul while turning up some Avett Brothers and figuring the future ahead was bright.  It has been bright, but somewhat comical looking back now realizing then we never anticipated long commutes, big city life, and a tiny apartment.

Bundle Design Etsy Shop Giveaway!

Excuse me for a moment while I ooo and ahh over these adorable and perfectly creative holiday cards, announcements, and invitations.  These are just a few that I adore and she'll be adding more to her shop in the coming weeks.

I'm thrilled to have Bundle Design as a Sponsor and you should be too because she has an awesome Giveaway for you today through next Wednesday November 14th!

Bundle Design is giving away 25 (5x7) invitations, announcements, or holiday cards up to a $50 value!! You pick! 

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the best pumpkin cookies with maple cream cheese frosting

I've posted this recipe before but it was time to be reminded of it again.  It's a recipe that I love and turns out you do too.

A friend made these gems the other week and told me she made some cream cheese frosting to go with them that sounded quite delicious and such an obvious topper for these spiced cake-like cookies.  I decided to go ahead and make maple cream cheese frosting to send these over the edge.

They were happily eaten on Halloween and quickly spotted by Anderson whenever he neared the cake stand they resided in.  The kid has shown a serious liking for all things pumpkin- smart boy- which makes me excited to introduce him to pumpkin pie in a few short weeks.

election day!

I hope you vote today, I really really do.  I'm not sure when I'll vote today- if it'll be early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  Regardless of the time it will happen and a president will be chosen.

Whoever wins, I'm thankful that for as much as I love America my citizenship is not here.  Amen, and amen.

pepita pesto pasta with roasted squash

My best friend from college was in town last week.  Her name is Ana and she likes things spicy.  Ultimately I though Benny and I would have our act together and make homemade hot sauce for this spice loving friend but time got the best of us and the day of her arrival I found myself at the grocery store loading up on groceries for the coming days.

I had recently been gifted with the Rachael Ray Magazine, something I hadn't sifted through myself before.  This recipe stood out to me for the love of butternut squash, fresh herbs, and jalapenos.

the answer is pie: a Giveaway!

It's a big week, America.  I for one am nervous about what the results will be.  I'm not quite sure who will win but I know either way big changes for our country are ahead.  After Tuesday's election I will either be celebrating or upset and disappointed.  Whatever the results may be the answer will be pie.

Pie is what you eat when you're happy and what sounds good when you're sad.  Thanks to Lucky Leaf I had a chance to test out some of their pie filling and topping and it definitely helped us out this weekend and also got us through the homebound days of Sandy.

Pie my friends is a good thing.  To help you get through your celebration or sadness and overall to aid in your holiday entertaining Lucky Leaf is giving away pie filling and a kitchen towel to one lucky reader!  I'd go ahead and comment.  What do you have to lose?  Bonus is this pie filling was delicious and surprised me by not tasting too sweet but being true to the flavor of the fruit.

Comment here and tell me your favorite kind of pie!

Giveaway open Monday through Tuesday at Midnight


The Ruche Autumn Cookbook!

I'm thrilled to have some recipes from the blog in the Ruche Autumn Cookbook.  There's the Walnut Cake with Cinnamon Glaze then of course my favorite Apple Pie Muffins.  

family picture time

It seems like everyone is on the hunt for the perfect family photos this time of year.  Ones where you have everyone in focus, smiling, and obviously looking like they are loving life.  That is a very hard thing to achieve as I learned the other week when I snapped some pictures for a friend.