...moved in.,..?

It's our third night in the new place and you could say we've got boxes.  Tonight we'll graduate from the air mattress to our real bed.  Ah, the luxuries.  I didn't stop much today while Benjamin was at work, (thanks, Mom for helping me unpack) until I got an envelope with our wedding photos by Annemarie in them!  I love love love what you sent Annemarie!  Thank you thank you.  Can't wait to see more by Emily, until then, here's two faces that I loved seeing wedding weekend.  Molls who I just love, and Miss Ruby who I just got to meet, and well, love her too of course!  Such fun.  Friends- COME VISIT!!

...we're married...

...we're back to life, back to reality.  as in, moving, packing, moving into our place Saturday, Benjamin starts work Monday and I start work Wednesday.  No time to slow down, kids.  I'm not sure when we'll be connected and settled, but promise the cooking blog will be up and running shortly when I'm making meals for the husband and all.  It's Benjamin's birthday today- hooray!- and so we're headed to dinner tonight to get the boy some real good steak.  If you would like to see pictures from our wedding on Annemarie's blog click here.  If you'd like to see pictures of the incredible day before celebration we had at the township hall, click here.  It really was a wonderful wedding weekend.  More posts on that when life settles down a bit.  Until then, I wanted to share the websites to see pics!  

my goodness you are so gracious

I'm not sure how much I'll blog in the next few weeks, if at all.  In an ideal world I'd have blog posts scheduled, but it's not as high on my list of things to do these days.  Right now I need to finish up wedding details, pack for Ohio, then pack for honeymoon fun in Napa!  In the meantime, thank you to all who are working so hard to make our day so special.  I'm preparing myself, if that's even possible, to be overwhelmed by all the faces I'm about to see in the coming week and flood of emotions when we say 'I Do."  Cheers!

p.s.  I got some of these cards from Etsy- Miss Pickle Press.  Cute, no?