I Can't Fight it Anymore. 75 days to go!

Well world, I've been fighting blogging about the wedding for awhile now.  Not sure why.  My friend Stacey just told me it's to the point that it's getting 'awkward' so here it goes.  Maybe because I think, 'do you really care what my internal monologue is about centerpieces, candlesticks, makeup, hair, the dress, the shoes, the party, the music?"  Well.  Truth is, if this blog here is about the 'good life' too then this is going to have to be part of what I offer up in the next 2 months because...it's become my life these days.  It's getting close close close and well, here it is.

In this here post I'll tell you about my dress selections.  Not THE dress but what I'll be wearing August 7th and August 8th to leave the reception.  Yup.  I know what I'll be wearing in 74 days.  Awesome.  I was in search of a white sundress after my Mom couldn't fathom the idea that I was planning on leaving the wedding in my wedding dress.  I told her I'd have a friend come get it the next day, and that it'd be fine.  She suggested a fun dress to leave in and well, sure, whatever, I'm in.  I suppose I think I had this idea that it had to be this fancy shmancy dress and I wanted my Wedding dress to really be "the" dress of the night.  Well, needless to say I'm excited about this little number I found to leave the reception in.  The champagne color is one I know I could wear again, and the white sundress will be worn on Saturday night at the Welcome Reception.  I figured this is one time in my life "yes, I can wear white....but no one else better show up in a white dress."  Just kidding (bridezilla moment, I know..)  

oh. hello. or. hey y'all

You could say we're t-minus 90 days and counting til the big day!  The last few days have involved lots and lots of planning with my soon to be new family whom already seem like family pre-nuptials.  The invitations should arrive soon, the party is being planned, and it'll be here before we know it!  Until that time I've found myself taking care of kids here and there and everywhere, and all in all, keeping quite busy!  So- thankful for that and excited for the days to come.  We'll head north tomorrow, until then, g'night y'all from Aiken, South Carolina.  Many recipes to post in the days to come...