who's amy?

yesterday at LAX i saw kirsten dunst. i could care less about her role in spiderman (as much as i loved it), Marie Antoinette, or Wimbledon... i saw here and thought "AMY!" and then all the lines of hers from Little Women I've so proudly memorized from years of watching that movie, sometimes multiple times, came running through my head. "when i grow up i'm going to be rich..."

i'm not over it.

sorry i've been MIA. since friday i've been in denver then seattle with a day back here and then gone all day tomorrow down south. i'm in the midst of moving and workload has increased but i'll try to post again as soon as i can. and...once i've gotten a bit more settled culinary fun will be back. hope i haven't let 'you' down...

like a child

the world is mudluscious and puddle wonderful -e.e. cummings.

rosary's pesto

I was fortunate to grow up next to an Italian cook which is part of what's inspired my own love for cooking. Thanks to loads of basil and wanting to take advantage of it before I move, Keola and I made Rosary's Pesto today: 2 cup (lightly in cup) basil leaves in processor with 1/2 cup olive oil. 2 T. pine nuts (or walnuts), 2 garlic cloves, 1 tsp. salt. Process and then hand mix in 1/3 cup grated parm. freeze or use after 1 month.

if i had a million dollars

I'd be rich and I'd buy this painting by Rise Delmar Ochsner. Her work can be seen in many a winery around here and I think would take me back to these hills long after I have to leave because I in fact do not have a million dollars.


you know you've arrived in sb when you make it on www.localsnight.com (joking)

hungry cat

Last night to my surprise Hilary and Maggie wanted to go out. Of course I was on board with this idea and we wandered down to Hungry Cat, a place we'd never been but seemed to be perfect for the kind of place we wanted to be. Great drinks (rosemary and tangerine margarita), finger food (grilled ciabata and onion rings) and an excellent bread and butter chocolate bread pudding on a beautiful copper bar. The menu isn't as pricey as I once thought and as I said, "we could pay for things here...!"

star struck

I mind as well have been bumping into the cast from the Hills or Bachelor last night at SB Nights, a 3rd Thursday event in SB at the Art Museum. All these want-to-be- in People magazine friends in top form with their little dresses and expensive jeans. It was quite the experience with weird music, super LA nnnsa-nnnsa- interesting modern art and people who think they are in fact artwork themselves. Once we'd spent our time there and decided it was OK to leave, after of course being introduced to a man who admitted to attempting to chemically straighten his hair, we left to look back and see Andrew Firestone. I've always been all 'yeah yeah yeah' when his name has come up before, but.... for the record he is one attractive man. His wifey was there too, Louis Vuitton bag and all. As my mom would now sing, 'what do the simple folk do..." Well, I'll tell you- we look on and get star struck.


Nicole and i went for a walk on the beach then picked nectarines up at Westmont...part of our alumni package. apparently they're $3 a pound at the farmers market and we walked away with about $15.00 worth.

the challenge...

a couple weeks ago kate challenged me to post 5 healthy, easy recipes. i have not forgotten...they're on their way!

life is good

it's the little things, and occasionally the big ones, that make one thankful. yesterday after meetings in long beach we drove back north along PCH. no complaints here.

Grandma June's Zucchini Bread

Thanks to the two huge zucchini's I made her recipe for zucchini bread which I remember growing up on. The veg I had was so big I had to triple the recipe and ended up making 2 loaves, muffins, and a pie tin of bread. I've pawned it off on as many people as I can... If you're serious about wanting the recipe, ask. I'd rather not let everyone out there on this information highway know a family recipe...


the first heirloom tomato deserved its own post i'd say. these are my favorite when they're in season; they look horrible at the market from the outside but taste incredible.

garden patch

the garden is making me more than happy right now...

midwest best

I've heard it for years and am pretty confident more today than ever before that Midwest bred Americans are the best. If I'm going to be that ridiculous in my statement, mine as well go with saying those from Chagrin Falls really have got it going on... Let's just bring it one step further to say I really enjoy the midwest men in my life right now. Friends from home were here this week- stopped by twice because they couldn't get enough of SB and we sure had a good time. crazy felines and all...

Ca Dario

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Audrey! Because she's worth it, who isn't?, and because lunch is cheaper than dinner at some of the fine dining experiences in SB, we went to Ca Dario to celebrate Auds, and to live it up in SB before she and Josh move to New Zealand! The ambiance is great and the food was excellent. We both has the Ravioli Al Burro E Salvia because we'd heard so much about it and it was definitely worth the rave.


Last night we went out to celebrate Hilary mastering education. That's right- way to go Hil! Alcazar is owned by the same people as Milk and Honey, but doesn't have the 'nnn-sa nnn-sa' LA vibe which I can take or leave. I ordered a Habenaro Passion fruit Margarita which had a kick to say the least. Second up was a coconut mojito that was so good and something I'd love to learn how to replicate at home with all the mint I've got. We then split brie baked with apples and a sweet balsamic reduction, and our favorite, Puntas de Filete Con Crema. It's filet tips in this light spicy cream sauce with jalapenos and other peppers. You pour it over a toasted sliced baguette and it's pretty wonderful. Way to Master Education Hil and have a good reason to celebrate. I've asked it before and I'll ask again, What are you going to master next?!

the gap fire

So, there are fires in santa barbara. Here's a link for the info and the crazy life I'm getting used to out here. Our power went out again today, and there is ash on my car. Good times in CA...

staying classy in san diego

yesterday was the first nuptials of the summer- Paul and Naomi in San Diego, ca. a great time seeing the Italian stallion get married off and a great way to start the summer of weddings. one down 2 to go...

Happy Birthday Dad!

peach crumb cake

i prepared this and then the power went out so i stuck it in the fridge and baked it this morning which worked out in my favour, and for that of my co-workers. this recipe is SO good and looks great too. i'll for sure make this again. i used whole wheat flour here as I ran out of AP, but it still tastes great.

peach cobbler

last night i came home and started baking right away- good thing because in the last minutes this was cooking the power went off. i doubled the recipe based on the number of peaches i had and because who doesn't love more crumble? i didn't have cornstarch but used tapioca balls which work just as well. make it.. a great base cobbler recipe for any fruit.

we didn't start the fire...

yesterday at work i heard there were fires in goleta which is about 10 mins. from me. our power went out and i was told from my landlord not to worry, they were about 5 miles away. 5 miles does not seem too far... of course i wanted to light all the candles in the house, but until that time we went to the beach. here are some shots from my house, and from the beach...

talk talk

i don't think I've blogged about this yet, forgive me if i have- shows the state of my brain right now. that and the fact that playing scrabble last night i was asking if common words were in fact words. someone needs a vacation.. :) anyways, thanks to more airports in my life, i also just finished this book. i really love t.c. boyle's writing- if you haven't read anything by him start with tortilla curtain, though I'd recommend this highly as well. it's more of a thriller and a book i almost didn't want to finish because it was so good. his writing is so vivid i can easily picture in my head what's happening in the book as I'm reading it, and months later still remember what the book was about. let's be honest, sometimes we read books and forget if we liked them or not.

another good read

i recently finished Grace Eventually by Anne Lamott. A friend told me recently she doesn't like reading her, because she doesn't agree with her views. I like to read her because she thinks so differently than I do that it's good to stretch my mind. I know she loves the Lord and is seeking to live a life that glorifies Him, and I love that political views and lifestyles aren't things that will every separate us from one another; and frankly, I think God cares a whole lot less about obama and bush than we do. This book is good short stories that all flow together under the theme of Grace- a good read.

So I'm Moving- For Sale

just apartments- not away from santa barbara...

peaches peaches for me

thanks to a co-worker with a peach tree, i got all these today! that's a lot of peaches. now i just have to figure out what to bake with them...if I don't eat them all first that is.